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Discover the charm of Slow Living Alentejo with our new line of products, handmade carved tables and benches, from the region's finest woods.


We present the new collection of trunk tables and benches sets, which completely capture the authentic essence and timeless beauty of Alentejo.


Each piece is carefully created from trunks from the region, providing not only functionality, with an interior or exterior finish, but also a genuine connection with the tradition and history of our Alentejo.


Our ArtCrafts can transform your space into a true haven of calm and beauty.


This set include 1 Table and 2  Benches available and ready to be shipped directly to your home. 🚚✨


Secure your set now and enjoy a special discount! While each piece is priced at 300,00€ individually, you can get the complete set of three pieces for just 750,00€. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save while transforming your space with our exquisite handcrafted furniture!


#SlowLiving #ArtesanatoAlentejano #Alentejo

Set Trunk-Table & Benches

900,00 € Preço normal
750,00 €Preço promocional
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